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Buttercream Occasion Cakes

We offer a range of our ever-popular buttercream cakes, which can be decorated using rose style, palette knife, 'cottage pie' or a combination of these techniques. We can add a message, a printed image or sugarpaste decorations. We typically make these as a double layer cake although we can supersize them and make them triple layer if required.

Our cake prices start from an 8" round/square at £35 (serves roughly 12-18), 10" round/square at £45 (serves roughly 20-25), 12" round/square from £55 (serves roughly 30-35)

Sugarpaste / Fondant Occasion Cakes

Our cake prices start from an 8" round at £40 (serves roughly 12-18), 10" round at £50(serves roughly 20-25), 12" round from £60 (serves roughly 30-35)

Crazy Cakes

Our 'crazy cakes' are all 10' TRIPLE layer cakes and serve 25 generous portions.

They are from £50 and work best when you give us a general theme e.g. 'Rainbow cake', 'Football cake', 'Chocolate Cake', 'Retro Sweets' etc and leave us to do the rest!

Number Cakes

New to Airyfairy are the increasingly popular number cakes. Single numbers (1-9) from £40 and Double Numbers (10+) from £75. There are many ways we can decorate these cakes so please contact us for more details. Each number serves roughly 20-25 people.